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Assemblywoman Soria Presents Funding for Franklin-Beachwood Community Park

For immediate release:

FRANKLIN-BEACHWOOD – Today, October 3rd, Assemblywoman Soria presented a $3.5 million check to the Franklin-Beachwood community for the development of a new park.

The unincorporated Franklin-Beachwood community, north of Merced, is historically underserved. 86% of students at Joe Stefani Elementary School either are English learners, or qualify as “low income.” With investments in the community like this park, which will be located just south of Joe Stefani Elementary School, students will have access to a new and safe environment, and an improved quality of life.

This park will include picnic areas, a community recreation center, a playground, athletic fields, basketball courts, and a walking loop around the park perimeter.

Assemblywoman Soria expressed gratitude for the state stepping in to invest, given the community’s lack of resources.

“With a population of nearly 7,000, the Franklin-Beachwood community deserves investments in safe and open spaces for families to enjoy,” said Assemblywoman Soria. “I am proud to have secured this funding, and look forward to seeing this project come to life and improve the lives of students and families across this community.”

Merced County leaders like Supervisor Daron McDaniel and representatives from the Merced County Public Works project joined Assemblywoman Soria for this check presentation event.

"This is an active community that takes pride in where they live," said Supervisor Daron McDaniel, whose District 3 includes the community of Franklin-Beachwood. "Kids here love participating in sports - whether it be baseball, basketball or soccer - and this park will help facilitate those activities. The community also needs a place to gather and enjoy each other’s company, and they’ll be able to do that here."

The Beachwood Franklin Committee for Improvement (BFCI) has led advocacy for this project, with the support of California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA).

Assemblywoman Soria secured this $3.5 million investment, as part of a larger $140 million sum of investments for all of Assembly District 27 via the 2023-24 State Budget.