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2023 – 2024 Legislation

AB 412 Financially Distressed Hospital Emergency Loan Program: Creates an emergency loan program for hospitals that are closed and seek to re-open, or are at high risk of closure.

     - Now contained in AB 112, which was signed into law on 5/15/23.

AB 517 - Health Professions Career Opportunity Program: Requires a report to the Legislature to ensure health profession programs are improving access to underrepresented and disadvantaged students and increasing the diversity and cultural competency of the healthcare workforce.

AB 675 - Fentanyl and Firearms: Adds fentanyl to list of controlled substances for which possession of loaded firearm qualifies as a felony.

AB 830Flood-Managed Aquifer Recharge: Streamlines permitting for Flood-MAR projects for groundwater recharge.

AB 1106PK-3 Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential: Establishes a grant program to increase number of diverse and bilingual PK-3 teachers.

AB 1259 City of Merced Economic Development: Authorizes the City of Merced to initiate, participate in, govern, or finance EIFD.

AB 1311 - Allied Health Programs: Requires the Legislative Analyst's Office to evaluate programs in allied health, including nursing programs offered jointly between campuses of the California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California. 

AB 1350 - Capitol Park Veterans Memorial Fund: Establishes a fund for receipt of private donations for the maintenance and rehabilitation of Capitol Park veterans memorials.

AB 1566 - County Veterans Services Officers (CVSOs): Improves the detail and usefulness of annual reports required by CVSO program participants.

AB 1647 - Veterans Treatment Courts: Establishes a grant program to support veterans treatment courts.

AB 1665 - Veterans Homes: Establishes in statute the right of a nonveteran spouse or domestic partner of a veteran resident of a Veterans Home to remain a member under specific scenarios. 

AB 1745 - Veterans College Fee Waiver Program: Expands the College Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents program to serve dependent spouses of partially disabled veterans, and increases eligibility for children of partially disabled veterans.

House Resolutions:

HR 23 - Cesar Chavez Day

HR 42 - 4th of July

HR 44 - Women Veterans Recognition Day