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Assemblywoman Soria’s AB 1106 passed by the Assembly Education Committee

Assemblywoman Soria’s bilingual transitional kindergarten educator bill approved unanimously by the Assembly Education Committee

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO - Assemblywoman Soria’s AB 1106, a bill to increase the supply of bilingual transitional kindergarten teachers in California, was approved by the Assembly Education Committee today, March 29th.

AB 1106 aims to support the increased demand for qualified and diverse PK-3 teachers. This bill creates a one-time grant program to incentivize the development of PK-3 Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential pathways at colleges across California. This bill also incentivizes colleges to implement programs that allow students to earn a teaching credential and bilingual authorization at the same time, to meet the growing need for bilingual teachers.

For questions about this bill, or to express opposition or support, please Contact Assemblywoman Soria.