AB 1400 CA Guaranteed Health Care for All Act



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Today’s U.S. health care system is a complex, fragmented multi-payer system that still leaves wide gaps of coverage and poses significant issues of affordability. Despite health care spending in the U.S. far exceeding other high-income, industrialized countries that offer a publically financed single-payer system, we consistently report worse health outcomes and disparities among vulnerable populations.

AB 1400 sets in motion a single-payer health care coverage system in California, called CalCare, for all residents, regardless of citizenship status. By streamlining payments and lowering per-capita health care spending, CalCare guarantees quality health care and long-term care without creating barriers to care or out-of-pocket costs.

By guaranteeing health care for all Californians and establishing a payment system that eliminates waste and aligns reimbursements with the actual cost of care, we can make significant progress on health care as a human right.

An Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA 11) has also been introduced which proposes a package of taxes to fund CalCare and ensures that the tax revenues raised do not affect the Gann Limit, the Proposition 98 minimum guarantee for schools and community colleges, or reserve calculations under Proposition 2 of 2014.

AB 1400, which offers the policy framework, can proceed separately during the 2022 Legislative Calendar.

For more info check out our AB 1400 fact sheet, ACA 11 fact sheet, and our FAQ.


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